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  • 1. The membership of the conference shall be limited to rugby teams in good standing of four‐year colleges and universities.
  • 2. Team membership shall consist of the following statuses:
    • A. Full Membership – A full member shall have full voting rights and shall hold one seat on the Board of Directors.
    • B. Associate Membership – An Associate Member shall have no voting rights, though will maintain access to certain other services as approved by policy of the Board of Directors.
  • 3. Members shall pay membership fees as determined in the yearly budget.
  • 4. All members joining the conference shall be deemed to accept the terms of this Constitution and any by‐laws from time to time adopted by the conference, and are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the conference’s ethical framework.
  • 5. Any team seeking to join the conference shall submit a request to the Board of Directors. Members shall be admitted based on a two‐thirds vote from the Board of Directors.
  • 6. Both Full and Associate members shall submit a renewal application each year prior to January 1st to ensure the availability of accurate information to the conference. Applications shall become due October 1st and delinquent on January 1st. Once a team has renewed, it is obligated to carry out its duties for the entire year.
  • 7. A team may resign from the conference with or without cause simply by not renewing the annual membership application as required. Mid‐season resignations will not be accepted. The resigning team shall remain liable for any pending financial obligations to the conference.

SIRC Membership Process

Teams that desire membership in the Southeastern Rugby Conference should submit a completed application for membership to the Conference Commissioner. The application is a fillable form meaning the data can be typed into the document and then printed. Once the application and agreement have been signed by all three required parties, it can be forwarded to the conference by email or fax. Please note that this application requires the signature of a student leader (example: president), non-student leader (example: head coach) and University official (example: club sports director).

Click to download the Membership Application and Agreement

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